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Hosting Case Studies

For sure we’re happy to tell you how great we are. How we offer more server options than anyone else, unbeatable uptime and flexible solutions to meet your needs. And did we mention the kick-ass speed of our FastFiber Network™?  Imagine load times that happen before you even think of the page—BAM!—it’s there. But don’t take it from us, read some of our hosting case studies about WordPress, Occipital, Flock, Dogster and many more, and hear it straight from our customers. is a popular, free blog hosting service operated by Automattic, Inc. and built on top of open source WordPress. hosts 15.1 million blogs in over 120 languages. authors publish an average of 500,000 posts and readers leave over 400,000 new comments daily. The activity on is an indicator of its popularity and global reach.


OccipitalOccipital is a technology startup and maker of smartphone applications focused on mobile computer vision. Occipital benefited from ServerBeach's pay-as-you-grow model, allowing it to adapt quickly to changing needs. It now has three servers hosted with ServerBeach, serving more than one million users and processing more than seven million barcode scans per month.


Flock Flock is the award-winning social media browser serving 8 million users and is the second most popular desktop application on Facebook, just behind Twitter. Flock switched from another provider to PEER 1 Hosting colocation to reduce cost and increase control over it's hosting platform. In fact, the company was able to reduce its monthly hosting fees by almost two-thirds while enjoying a faster performing network.


Dogster Dogster began in 2004 like many Internet startups, with a creative idea and a small following. Initially, the site drew 100,000 unique visitors per month. However, what started off small quickly became viral. Four years after launch, unique visits to the site have increased ten-fold, to more than 1,000,000 visitors each month. With all that interest also came drastically increased data loads. Currently, Dogster hosts more than three million uploaded user photos.


Landflip LANDFLIP is a top online resource for selling land worldwide. The site, which caters to land owners, real estate agents and auctioneers looking to advertise land for sale, auction or lease, has grown at an amazing rate since its humble beginnings in 2004. Starting out as a bright idea, LANDFLIP initially drew 10,000 unique visitors per month and was hosted in a shared hosting environment. However, it didn't take long for more people to start using the valuable site and dramatically increase unique visitors. As a result, the company faced a number of IT infrastructure challenges, like the ability to scale and maintain network speed for site visitors.


MeFeedia MeFeedia, a video search and discovery site, helps consumers find and watch video, no matter where the content is hosted or which platform or player is used. Since it began in 2004, MeFeedia has grown to more than six million unique users per month, up 323 percent in 2008. As a video search engine, MeFeedia stands out from other video sharing sites as it helps people find any video, from any site, and conveniently enables users to watch, organize, and share them in one place. With such a strong video search offering and dynamic, live community, MeFeedia relies on being online at all times. The impact of any downtime would take a toll on revenue and reputation.

Marine CFO launched in 2007 to address the distinct and complex needs of marine transportation, a multi-million dollar industry that includes keeping up with continually increasing requirements for both offshore and inland operations. MarineCFO provides on-vessel, marine operations, personnel, fleet maintenance and financial management solutions to customers ranging from the largest industry players to small, family-run companies in a comprehensive software solution built on a web-based SaaS platform. They needed a hosting solution that provided the highest quality service that would keep up with the demand, at the right cost.

Northeastern Blackout

On Thursday, August 14, 2003 the largest blackout in North American history took place, with a massive power outage throughout parts of northeastern United States and eastern Canada. The Northeast Blackout affected an estimated 10 million people in the Canadian province of Ontario (about one-third of the population of Canada), and 40 million people in eight US states (about one-seventh of the population of the US). Outage-related financial losses were estimated at $6 billion USD. (source: Wikipedia)

Bell Data Systems

Bell Data Systems Bell Data Systems conceived a browser-based database application, one that could be accessed from any computer with Internet access by their government, not-for-profit and for-profit clients. Immediately, they knew they needed a server. Faced with the prospect of a significant capital investment at the outset of the company's venture, they decided to opt for a dedicated server instead of buying one and administering it on their own.


Lavalife Due to its rapid growth of thousands of new members each week, Lavalife needed to improve its business continuity configuration to support increased traffic and guarantee uptime for their 600,000 members. In order to provide these diverse services for singles, Lavalife maintains a dynamic and complex technology network. As good business practice, Lavalife realized that the time had come to invest in implementing the next phase of the business continuity solution to backup their existing network. provides a digital "hat" online from which groups of colleagues, families and friends can draw names for gift exchanges. The turnkey service also sends out customized email invitations and reminders, randomly assigns all members of a gift exchange to a secret gift-giver, helps recipients publish a wish-list and even helps users shop for recipients. Although the service is provided for free, users rely on it for their holiday events, and so knew that they would need to find a dedicated server with a stable, highly available network that users would be able to access quickly and securely.

The Squad

The Squad Web design company, The Squad wanted to improve the bandwidth performance and stability for their client Smart Punk without changing their current hosting provider. Smart Punk sells independent music online and streams music using The Squad's media player. With many of Smart Punk's customers being based in Asia and Australia, there were frequent complaints that the web site was very slow.


mongoDB Tivoli